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East Peoria Civic Complex (adjacent to library)

Monday, October 16, 2017

Paranormal Hunting

6:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Join us for an evening of paranormal information and experiences. Members of GUARD (Ghost Unit Analysis Research Detection) and author Sylvia Shultz share paranormal experiences and information. Learn about the equipment and the techniques used during a paranormal investigation.

Event Type: Presentation/Performance

Age Group: Adults, High School (ages 14-19), Grades 6-8 (ages 11-14)

Space: Meeting Room 2

Contact: Laura Warren

[email protected]




 PEORIA - A Peoria-based paranormal investigative unit will be seen in an upcoming show on the Biography channel. GUARD Paranormal Group (GUARD stands for Ghost Unit Analysis Research and Detection) will have footage featured in the series "My Ghost Story Caught on Camera," which will air at 8 p.m. Saturday on the Biography channel. The footage was taken in late 2011 at a farmhouse in Monmouth. GUARD founder Dennie Guppy says his team members caught ?electro-voice phenomena? - or unexplained audio ? using a digital recorder: They also caught video of a light orb flashing around an upstairs bedroom. ?At first I thought it was a flashlight that people were flashing through a hole in the wall, but there was no one there,? Guppy said/ The Monmouth farm was torn dawn in 2012 so the owner of the property could build a new house on the site, Guppy said, and the owners are experiencing unexplained issues inside the new structure. For more information or to see the footage visit the GUARD website at Freewebs. Com/ghost_unit_analysis_research_detection/.












Buckinghamshire, England: The Hellfire caves, site of secret society sex orgies, terror filled shadows and mists, caught on camera!


Franklin, Tennessee: A man unwittingly buys a haunted house and captures unsettling images in the middle of the night. 


Monmouth Farm, Illinois: A freaky haunted farmhouse that is the home to numerous ghosts of giggling children...their sounds caught on tape!


News about GUARD 2010

Most excited!! Thanks to 99.3 WDUK radio station in Havana is going to announce our upcoming event this Saturday @ the Havana Gymnasium since we missed the deadline for their paper!! Whoo hoo!!!

The Stark County News Volume IX-Issue 52 February 4, 2010 Toulon, Illinois


county watch

Chief investigative reporter Don St. John hosted ghost chasers in the Stark County News Building this past Saturday evening. (I was away for the weekend.)  The G.U.A.R.D. paranormal team spent 5 hours in the building with their cameras and listening devices, trying to discern if there were spirits in the building. The Peoria, Dennie Guppy and Joanne Bridges, "were nice as could be," reported Don, who found the listening for ghost boring after a while. The paranormal investigators will need a week to review the materials they collected to determine if my building is haunted. I am skeptical, you might say, of the whole thing, especially so since some of the lively parties held on the first floor over recent led b years would certainly have driven any ghost running out of the building, holding their ears (ghostly apparitions don't have ears, though, do they?) This was not my idea mind you, but Don and his friends thought there might be ghost, especially up in my apartment, which was the embalming room when the building was a combination furniture store and funeral parlor, from 1893 to 1940.

News about GUARD 2009 

Good to talk with you the other day.  Attached is the column, which includes a paragraph about your activities and provides your phone. Here is part of the article.


County watch?12-3-09

County watch?Bill; harvest thoughts; Phil; paranormal

Joanne Bridges of Peoria is one of the area paranormal seekers.  Amy Beaver?s recent story on the topic generated lots of comments from readers.

            So Joanne wonders if any readers have possible paranormal activity they want checked out.  Let?s just say I?m highly skeptical, personally, but who am I to say.

            If you would like the paranormal team to visit, call Joanne Bridges at 309-686-1057.  You can Google ?Guard Paranormal? to find the group?s website.


GUARD wish to thank the 

The McDonough County Voice

I'm so sorry I didn't think to send this article to you sooner. We published this in our new free paper that went out to all McDonough County residents last week, and I'm still not accustomed to the fact that these stories don't get put up on our website. I hope you have a positive experience here in Macomb this Friday. I'm pretty bummed that I won't be able to attend, as I'm heading up north for the weekend. Perhaps next time, eh?

When all of the Halloween decorations are packed away, pumpkins are made into pies and children have had their fill of candy corn, one group of ghost hunters will still be on the lookout for paranormal activity in Macomb.

Central Illinois-based GUARD (Ghost Unit Analysis Research and Detection) is returning to The Old Bailey House, 100 S. Campbell St., to provide ?open door paranormal training? and a lecture November 6.

?We're going to show people how we investigate, how to work the equipment we use and do a walk through of the house,? said GUARD Case Manager Joanne Bridges.

The Old Bailey House is maintained by the McDonough County Historical Preservation Society and is open to the public on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and weekends by appointment. 

Bridges said GUARD first visited the house in September, after somebody sent a photo of an alleged apparition next to the piano, located on the main floor.

?That caught our attention,? said Bridges. ?We didn't catch any on digital photo ourselves, but we do have some EVPs and personal experiences.?

EVPs are electronic voice phenomenon, or sounds that cannot be picked up with the naked ear. Posted on the GUARD website are several EVP recordings from the September investigation.

Bridges said the group also had a couple of positive electro-magnetic field detector, or K2 meter, readings.

?Two team members and I went into the basement, and one saw a woman standing in a doorway,? said Bridges. ?We told the apparition to come forward and let us know she was there, and the K2 meter lit up like Christmas lights. We learned from our mistakes to always take video everywhere.?

Bridges said people who are interested in joining the investigation should wear comfortable clothing and bring a flashlight. Although GUARD will be videotaping the event, people are encouraged to bring a camera, camcorder and/or voice recorder.

GUARD asks for donations of $25 at the door or $20 on the website.

?Half of that goes to the Old Bailey House and the rest goes toward maintaining our equipment,? said Bridges. ?We do have people sign an insurance waiver, but we don't want people to be afraid of the paranormal. Nothing can hurt you.?

Doors open at 7 p.m. The investigation and lecture will end at 11:30 p.m.

For more information, visit the GUARD website at

Erin McCarthy
The McDonough County Voice, staff writer
203 N. Randolph
Macomb, IL 61455
office: 309-833-2114
cell: 217-370-6312
fax: 309-833-2346

Ghost hunters look for skeletons in your closet

Paranormal investigators aim to discredit or prove the supernatural


of the Journal Star
Posted Apr 07, 2009 @ 10:23 AM


If you're having a roommate problems, Dennie Guppy may be able to help.

Guppy is the founder of GUARD - Ghost Unit Analysis, Research and Detection Agency. The agency is an all-volunteer group that tries to help home and business owners decide whether unusual experiences - noises, breezes or feelings, usually - are environmental or paranormal. That means starting with skepticism.

"We try to go in and find logical explanations," Guppy said. "But if you can't find an explanation why and you capture evidence, that's more proof there is something going on."

"We just help them discover the truth," said case manager Joanne Bridges.

GUARD never charges a fee to analyze a building, though donations are accepted and go toward the extensive list of equipment that helps the investigators work.

That equipment includes digital voice recorder, camcorders with night vision, wireless recorders, thermometers, electromagnetic field meters, wireless cameras, motion detectors, laser levelers and more.

Most of what they detect can't be seen or heard but shows up later on tapes.

All the findings are shared with the clients. Guppy and his colleagues also give them some advice, depending on the results.

"Most of the stuff we capture is nothing frightening," he said.

When everyone agrees a place is "haunted," the residents are encouraged to gently assert themselves.

"Let them know you don't mind them being here - just don't scare you. It's your house. A lot of people can co-exist with it," Guppy said.

People who request the services of GUARD fill out an extensive questionnaire on the Web site.

Some of the questions - about the drinking habits of the residents, and any medication they may be on, for example - are designed to flag other reasons for "seeing things."

Anyone legitimate will get the full power of GUARD in their basement.

"I think people call us so they can say, 'I'm not crazy. Other people see it, too,'" Bridges said.

She's a day-care provider by day - GUARD does its investigations at night.

Guppy is a security guard at the Par-A-Dice casino and a firefighter in Bartonville. He had an experience he considers paranormal as a child, and has been interested in the supernatural ever since. The interest was further sparked by the television show "Ghost Hunters."

"Some people believe. Others don't," he said. "Most people think it's a fascinating hobby."

One of the group's first jobs involved a family in Toluca. The family's children all claimed to see a ghost they called the "dirty feet guy." The family called Guppy after one of the girls said she was thrown to the ground and held down by the ghost, in the presence of others.

The children would often ask their parents to open a door or window so dirty feet guy could get out and go to work. When the parents asked where that was, the children would wave in the same direction.

After researching the house and area, Guppy found some miners had been killed in a coal mine near the house - in the direction where the children pointed.

GUARD volunteers captured electronic voice phenomenon - or EVPs- with their equipment, including a voice answering the question "Why are you here?" with "I can't get out." The reply was not audible to the people in the room, though the equipment captured it.

GUARD has also had interesting results at a home in Kewanee and the Lawford Theater in Havana.

"Sometime we say a place is haunted," Bridges said. "Sometimes we don't. We don't say a place is haunted unless we have the evidence to back up the claim."

Jennifer Towery can be reached at 686-3119 or [email protected].


We are sorry for the look of item below but it was the best we could do with the news paper. GUARD wish to thank the Chillicothe Independent Newspaper.

May 6, 2009. By Jim Nowlan

 GUARD iis in the news again but this time on the Radio. Oct 15, 2009.

GUARD was at the Halloween events called Spook Hollow and our group information was given over the radio channels 105.7 and 92.3. Information has been bring us new members and cases. GUARD wish to thank both radio's stations for their support.


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